What’s your approach to teaching guitar and ukulele lessons?

I’ve found that students make the most progress when they like the music that they’re working on in lessons. It’s important to develop good habits and a solid musical foundation, and we can do that while being flexible with what songs we work on.

Whether it’s writing out a single-note melody of the chorus of a favorite pop song, or playing the chords from a favorite rock tune, I work with each student to find what music best motivates them to practice.

Early on in lessons, I ask for each student’s input for what they are interested to in so I can tailor the lessons to them individually. And if a student is quite sure what they would like to learn, that’s ok too. Overall, it’s about keeping students excited and engaged so that they want to practice.

Is my child enough for lessons?

I recommend lessons for students age 5 and up. At that age, student’s fingers are strong enough to press down the strings and get a clear sound.

Ukuleles have strings that are made out of nylon, and are easier to press down without getting blisters. Guitars are made with both nylon and steel strings, and come in a variety of sizes. If you have questions about a specific instrument for your child, I can offer advice on finding something that is a good fit.

Does my child need their own instrument?

Yes, each student needs their own instrument to practice and play on. I can recommend a few places in Chicago to either buy or rent an instrument.

Typically ukuleles cost less than guitars, and whether you end up choosing a guitar or ukulele, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for a quality instrument.

Do you teach adults?

Definitely. I have experience teaching adult lessons ranging from total beginners all the way to semi-professional jazz and classical players.

How often are lessons?

Lessons are typically once a week. In cases where a student is able to meet outside of the usual lesson time (afternoons and evenings), we can schedule flexible lessons.

Do you travel to my neighborhood for lessons?

I travel to most neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, and have students in many neighborhoods. Some places I go each week includes: Lakeview, Lincoln Park, River North, West Loop, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, and others.

How much are lessons?

In-home lessons are $40/half hour.