My own guitar playing started when I was almost 18 years old, which is much later than many of my students and definitely later than most of my fellow music conservatory students. Starting young is great, but my experience shows that you can start learning at any age.

In fact, my experience of learning to play guitar at a young age really helps me as a guitar teacher. I remember what it was like to not know something, and the challenges students sometimes face are challenges I can remember working on myself.

Having a patient, skilled teacher helped me learn to play guitar because while you need to make progress, you also need to have fun. Even though I eventually got a music degree in classical guitar performance, when I first started playing guitar I was focused on playing songs by Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

Students need to practice to get better, but to do that they need to be interested. What this means is that we work on music that the student is interested in, and gradually move on to harder and longer songs. That feeling of progress is so important to make sure that the lessons go well and that the student sticks with lessons.

Sometimes a person has very specific goals when they start meeting for lessons, like wanting to learn every White Stripes riff. That’s always fun, to have a specific project and goal, but if you just think, “I just want to learn to plat the guitar,” that works too. As we go along we can always refine our focus.

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