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Talented.  Gifted.  Incredibly well-versed in music theory.  Works well with children, tailoring his lessons to the specific interests of the student, and is easy to understand, weaving in an amazing amount of theory without you even knowing it. Highly recommended!- Jim R.


I've been taking guitar lessons from Brian for two years - classical and fingerstyle - and I recommend him to anyone without hesitation.  I came back to lessons after years of studying guitar on my own because I felt that no matter how much I practiced my playing never improved.  In my first lesson with Brian he made a left-hand technical suggestion that immediately made a difference in my playing and I knew I had found a great teacher.  Since then I have seen substantial growth in my guitar playing due to Brian's patient, enthusiastic, supportive and insightful teaching.  Lessons are rigorous but fun so you learn a lot but it never feels like work.  Brian will allow you to pursue the style of music that excites you and his vast knowledge of music makes him capable of providing excellent instruction no matter what type of music that is.  If you are a beginner or someone who's been playing for awhile but wants to take their playing and musicianship to the next level - call Brian!-Karen H.